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The Program Objectives

This ambitious program aims to achieve the following objectives:

General Objectives:

  • Strengthen the University`s Faculty members and Researchers;
  • Improve the academic level of the educational process through the use of their competent Professor's (Faculty) expertise;
  • Develop the scientific and technical research of King Saud University, through global interactions with the framework of national research university;
  • Develop a distinct generation of research and graduate studies; and
  • Motivate employees of the University by providing the best compensation package, role modeling, skills enhancement and outstanding scientific research and educational partnership.

The Objectives of the Program measuring:

In the history of e 1/1/1429, procured two hundred (200) Professors and Researchers.

Mechanisms for the implementation of the goals:

  • Internal marketing of the program (at the University level), by encouraging the academic departments to attract Outstanding Professors (Faculty) and Researchers.
  • Marketing outside the program, by visiting foreign universities in the world, polarization and concern offices in the country.